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discrimination September 29, 2006

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It is with a heavy hart that i say this, but it seams that the people that control the popular media only love controversy. they have imposed hatred and anger on the majority of american when it doesn’t exist there.  most will let others live their own life as long as it doesn’t hurt any body else. as this  we band together as americans, as U.S. citizens. the haters are trying to DIsband us. WILL we LET them. I say NO! I SAY we band together and form an unbreakable union. one that that stands for truth and justice for all and a right to persue your dreams.

dis- not, opposite of, exclude


SYLLABICATION: crim·i·nate
TRANSITIVE VERB: Inflected forms: crim·i·nat·ed, crim·i·nat·ing, crim·i·nates
To incriminate.
ETYMOLOGY: Latin crminr, crmint-, to accuse, from crmen, crmin-, accusation. See crime.
OTHER FORMS: crimi·nationNOUN
crimi·native, crimi·na·tory (-n-tôr, -tr) —ADJECTIVE


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rant Rant Rant!!! How stupid Is this Blog! I am so berried i can not even find my self when i am looking for my self. you need a search per subject . it isnot a popularity contest that is what is wrong with our election process now. the good choices never even make it to the podium to be heard while we are left with the medioucer and the sublimely bad . the blog,s are supposed to help with that, but this site is just a mockery.

what do you find stupid????


The Enviroment

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recycle, time to replace those lights with energy savers. hey this means you!

here are some websites to help you go green



tell me what you think of them.


exit strategy September 25, 2006

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First off if you consider your self a hawk you are a coward. wish to dictate to other nations your will and yet not listen to theirs. next their is no honor in the wars any more it takes no skill, it is not the best and the brightest out there fighting it is the poor and the easily manipulated. thirdly,none ow the questions you tried to address where addressed you merely played rope a dope and redirected to your dogma.there are three issues that must be addressed to succeed. they are 1-the disinfranchised 18 to 32 year olds who have no jobs no money and no electricity (no power) there fore are angry and resentful of everyone but there familys. 2-isriael’s need to hold the big stick in the middle east.
3-the last and most important -accepting the majority of muslims as good people and their history as that which led to developements in science and math. with out which i would not be typing on a computer today. religious hate must be forgotten!!!