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Cost Of War March 19, 2007

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How Much Is A human Life worth?

ours ?   theirs ?  A child ?   Do we count how many years they could yet have to live? how much they could add to the world? do we weigh old people more or less then the young?while they have had a longer life from now to the end is more likely to be shorter then a youths. yet ,they have experience right. but if we kill of the young they, don’t get a chance to gain experience. the youth are more energetic and easier to manipulate .that would make them reckless would it not? some, others would be fine. so a sense of outrage and suppressed anger is all right if you have control.Yes. so you do see how in the inexperianced  even in the experienced where an outrage and suppressed anger can be lead to war crimes. sure yet we need youths not men in their 40 and 50 they would be out of shape. out of shape for what, to sit in a humvee?any way we are approaching a trillion $$$ for the war imagine what we could of don with that if it was at home. i can’t. what would you do if it was declared UNconstitutional to incarcerate any military personal who refused to return to duty. i mean it is a volunteer army under contract the contracts signed have been in breech by the govt so why not? we would shit our pants!!!!! 


One Response to “Cost Of War”

  1. Matthew Mahr Says:

    Preach on. The opportunity cost of what we *could* have done with the money is just plain depressing. I decided to have some fun thinking up alternative uses. Take a peek:

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