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Why does patience have to be a virtue? March 19, 2007

Filed under: stupidity!!!!!!! — poto @ 4:20 pm

… uh.. I uh… I thinks that uh… idjits is stoopit.

And I hate it when I am standing in line at some information desk like at Borders for example and I have a really quick 2 second question and the person in front of me has a really long slow ass 10 minute question and the customer service policy insists that the current customer must be fully helped before the existance of any other customer is even acknowledged. The idea behind this is that a customer will feel less important if their long question is interupted by anything, even if it is just to see if the next person has a 2 second question. I say this is retardation incarnate. I say one can find a balance between maximizing current-customer-importance-feeling and minimizing waiting-customer-annoyance-feeling.


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