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consideration please!!! March 19, 2007

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you know what is soooo! stuPid!!!When In the grocery store in the fast lane 20 items or less the person in front of you has like 30 items , stands there as the checker bags their order then pays with a check and asks for money back.


Why does patience have to be a virtue?

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… uh.. I uh… I thinks that uh… idjits is stoopit.

And I hate it when I am standing in line at some information desk like at Borders for example and I have a really quick 2 second question and the person in front of me has a really long slow ass 10 minute question and the customer service policy insists that the current customer must be fully helped before the existance of any other customer is even acknowledged. The idea behind this is that a customer will feel less important if their long question is interupted by anything, even if it is just to see if the next person has a 2 second question. I say this is retardation incarnate. I say one can find a balance between maximizing current-customer-importance-feeling and minimizing waiting-customer-annoyance-feeling.


stupid politics

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you ever notice how on any talk show or TV show that the two parties show up on, they constantly bicker.  it isn’t even like they have a decent thing to argue about what they argue about is my opponent or the other party is participating in partition politics while i never do it. which write there shows he/she does. or for the matter of the war.Who’s got a plan you got a plan your plan isn’t as good as my plan. show me the plan. is all a bunch of blarney ( my st patty days nod) any way i just find it all soooo stupid.


stupidity!!!!!!! September 29, 2006

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rant Rant Rant!!! How stupid Is this Blog! I am so berried i can not even find my self when i am looking for my self. you need a search per subject . it isnot a popularity contest that is what is wrong with our election process now. the good choices never even make it to the podium to be heard while we are left with the medioucer and the sublimely bad . the blog,s are supposed to help with that, but this site is just a mockery.

what do you find stupid????