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discrimination September 29, 2006

Filed under: Race and Racism — poto @ 1:15 am

It is with a heavy hart that i say this, but it seams that the people that control the popular media only love controversy. they have imposed hatred and anger on the majority of american when it doesn’t exist there.  most will let others live their own life as long as it doesn’t hurt any body else. as this  we band together as americans, as U.S. citizens. the haters are trying to DIsband us. WILL we LET them. I say NO! I SAY we band together and form an unbreakable union. one that that stands for truth and justice for all and a right to persue your dreams.

dis- not, opposite of, exclude


SYLLABICATION: crim·i·nate
TRANSITIVE VERB: Inflected forms: crim·i·nat·ed, crim·i·nat·ing, crim·i·nates
To incriminate.
ETYMOLOGY: Latin crminr, crmint-, to accuse, from crmen, crmin-, accusation. See crime.
OTHER FORMS: crimi·nationNOUN
crimi·native, crimi·na·tory (-n-tôr, -tr) —ADJECTIVE

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